Vila Velha City. City formed by the strength of agribusiness, that became the second most diversified industrial pole of Paraná State, third ICM's collector. Through here passes the wealth generated in Paraná and other States. As the largest road and rail crossing point of southern Brazil, our roads take and bring people of all directions.

Ponta Grossa is an academical city, that preserves the peaceful characteristics of a country city, however, it yearns for the new and discovers its vocations each day. And one of them is to receive people.

Ponta Grossa offers several options of differentiated strolls. A few minutes from downtown, you can find fantastic landscapes and places such as Vila Velha State Park, Golden Lagoon, Furnas, Canyon of São Jorge River, Buraco do Padre's Waterfall, Alagados' Dam and other attractions. If you prefer an urban stroll it will surprise you, the city offers calm streets, squares, museums and a peculiar ancient building complex. The European immigration influence can be seen on buildings' front façade and ancient large houses. A suggested stroll is a visit the Ressureição Monastery, where you can watch masses with Gregorian Chant sung by the monks. The Monastery belongs to St. Benedict's Order and is one of the few in the world located in the country area. The monks make artisan products that you can take home, like breads, candles, incenses and liquors.

For the comfort of our visitors, the city has comfortable and modern hotels with rates lower than others cities. For the night entertainment, Ponta Grossa has some options, all of them with high quality. The nightlife is active, bars and restaurants are always full of people, specially on weekends.

The natural beauty of the region is breathtaking, with unique beauties that surely make an impression on everybody. It annually receives and enormous number of tourists coming from all over Brazil and also participate in international tourism routes.

Ponta Grossa is very desirous to receive you and share the beauties that the nature created here.

foto:Concurso - "Fotografe Ponta Grossa" - UEPG - Prefeitura Municipal de Ponta Grossa - SESI - Unid. P. Grossa - Fotografo:Israel Rodrigues dos Santos